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Mechanical & Plumbing

Deig Bros. Construction has a diverse range of qualifications to handle our clients’ complex mechanical and plumbing needs in the commercial and industrial markets.

We excel in HVAC, plumbing, and mechanical contracting. Our customers include our community schools, hospitals, heavy industrial plants, and power generation clients. Deig Bros. has the excellence in craftsmanship and supervision to meet your needs. We are fully licensed and certified to do the following:

  • Hydronic heating and cooling piping systems

  • Process, lined, power, and other exotic piping systems

  • Instrumentation Tubing

  • All types of water distribution systems

  • Installation and certification of backflow preventers

  • Drainage waste and vent systems

  • New boiler installation

  • HVAC systems such as air handlers, chillers, & cooling towers

  • Rigging and machinery setting

  • Conveyors, clarifiers, sluice gates and closures

  • Precision alignment

  • Material transport

  • Rotating equipment, installation, and repair

  • Certified welding

Deig Bros. is proud to announce that it is now self-performing live Hot Taps on watermains. Our experienced, union-trained plumbers from Local 136 will perform taps up to 12″ in diameter. Please call Deig Bros. at 812-423-4201 for an estimate.

General Construction
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