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How We Do It

How we work with you is just as important as what we do for you.  Our safety measures and the equipment we use show the importance we place on all jobs.

Safety Wear


The safety and health of each employee and its subcontractors will not be compromised for profit or production. The commitment to safety is consistent from the president to the field workers. At Deig Bros., safety is a cooperative effort among all employees.

Currently, Deig Bros. subscribes to various third-party safety prequalification providers making available to clients our company’s reputable safety statistics, ratings, programs, training, and evaluations.

If you would like more information about our Safety Department, please contact Dan Muller at


Deig Bros. owns and maintains a vast fleet of equipment capable of handling the varied type of work that we undertake.

Some examples are:

  • Hydraulic excavators

  • Rubber tired backhoe loaders

  • Crawler tractors from the D6 to D3 size dozers

  • Crawler loaders

  • Conventional crawler cranes and rough terrain cranes

  • Motor graders

  • Smooth drum and padfoot rollers

  • Air compressors up to 600 cfm

  • Demolition equipment

  • Pile driving and pulling equipment

  • Underground boring equipment

  • Dump trucks from triaxles and tandems to 1 ton

  • Pipebursting Equipment

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